Why You Need To Put Treviso On Your Travel List

When I moved to Italy, I lived in Treviso for two years. It was a shock to my system to move from a capital city, Budapest, to a smaller town of only 85,000 inhabitants. It felt like moving to a village. But soon, I realized how charming this lifestyle change was.

Many different expressions have been used to define Treviso: “The garden of Venice” due to its proximity to Venice, and “the lovely land” for its diverse scenery. But the most well-known definition is “La Marca Gioiosa et Amorosa” (“the mark of joy and love”), thanks to the reputation since the Middle Ages for the joy in love affairs taken by its citizens. 

Treviso soon became my home. And here’s why I think you should visit.

Come and mingle

Treviso is about half an hour north of Venice and is the capital of the province with the same name. It has all the charm of cobblestone streets plus canals and bridges over the river Sile, which runs through the center. The center is best seen on foot, with arcaded walkways and an abundance of chic shops, trattorias, and osterias. There are many little courtyards, frescoes, sculptures, and little twisted streets to get lost in. 

The city’s beating heart is the Piazza dei Signori, the ‘gentlemen’s’ square. This is where local people love to meet, chat and then go drink a glass of wine together. Come by on Saturday at brunch time, and the piazza is full of elegantly dressed people chatting and hanging out (Covid permitting). 

The chances are, you might meet someone — Treviso is famous for it. The people from Treviso are famous for being industrious, hospitable, and lovers of the good life. This comes as no surprise, as they live immersed in history, among treasures of nature, art, and culture, and surrounded by good food and good wine. The love of good life shines through everything, in both the city and the countryside and small towns.

It’s been the land of encounters, connections, agreements, and battles since prehistoric times. Traces of Treviso’s long history can be seen and experienced through the many villas, fortified castles and walled cities, remains of Roman roads, and military monuments that are scattered across the province. 

Stay for something to eat

The food and wine culture in Treviso established itself over the centuries. Today, osterias and restaurants are around every corner, offering both wine and delicious finger food made with local ingredients. The Casatella Trevigiana cheese, the Montasio cheese, the white asparagus of Badoere and Cimadolmo, and the renowned Radicchio di Treviso, all make their way into every dish when in season. Prosecco has been produced here since Roman times, while Tiramisù was first made in Treviso. 

The province is in the heart of the Veneto region, between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites. The scenery reflects this transition between the sea and mountains, making the province of Treviso a fertile land for both agriculture and industrial businesses alike.

International fashion brands such as United Colors of Benetton, Diesel, Geox, and Replay all make their homes in the province. But so does Delonghi, maker of home appliances like the espresso machine.

Everything in Treviso is about quality and high standards. This is why you’ll see the people from Treviso dressed with style and flair. It’s a distinct characteristic of people from La Marca Trevigiana, who are proud of being Trevigiani.

Eventually, we moved to our current winery in the countryside and left Treviso behind. Sort of.

It’s still an important place to us, and we go there often. We think you should, too.

Photos by Reka Haros

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