Veneto, The Italian Region That Has It All

Veneto is a northeastern Italian region with a population of 4.8 million – that’s almost the same number of people as the whole of Ireland. Its capital is the magnificent, watery city of Venice, and it’s the most visited region in Italy.

There are very good reasons why.

Why do people love visiting Veneto?

It’s pretty simple: Veneto has it all. It’s got so much for it, it’s difficult to sum it up in a few words: culture, heritage, food, wine, geography, and people. 

It offers the chance to visit famous historic cities, or small, charming and fortified historic villages. You can admire the world’s oldest botanical garden, or take a hiking or skiing break in the majestic Dolomites. You can rest in holiday resorts by the Adriatic Sea or Garda Lake and relax in the thermal baths of Colli Euganei. 

There are natural wonders, art and architecture, festivals and feast days, mouthwatering cuisine and, above all, a sense of joy. 

That’s thanks to the region’s remarkable people.

Everywhere you go in Veneto, you’ll see and feel the presence and contributions of people like Marco Polo, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Andrea Palladio, Canova, Casanova, Antonio Vivaldi. The captivating Venetian lifestyle, with its delicious food, drinks, and lively local people deeply influenced Hemingway’s writing. Other great names didn’t even visit; Veneto has also been the source of inspiration for William Shakespeare. 

Not everything here is about history and culture. Veneto is also a place to hang out and socialise, with every moment the perfect time for un caffè al bar, an aperitivo veloce. Your senses come to life as you walk the old streets, and you realize that everything here looks, smells, and feels good. 

Here’s why that is.

Nothing but quality

Veneto is also the home to 89 products with Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) quality certification. That means there are 89 separate products that have passed stringent certification rules to become recognized as products of excellence that are tied to a specific location –  in other words, which aren’t found anywhere else in the world. 

The Prosecco you drink to celebrate any occasion comes from Veneto. The Amarone that you love so much comes from Veneto. The Grana Padano cheese that you grate over your pasta is from Veneto. The Vialone Nano rice you use for your risotto comes from Veneto. 

This is only the start of what’s on offer. Venice, as a great trading city, had a non-stop flow of goods from the whole world passing through its ports, making it one of the first places in Europe to welcome unusual tastes, recipes and spices, all of which made their way into local cuisines.

The best way to experience this magnificent region is to come and visit. And if you can’t?

We’ve got you covered with Best of Veneto, which will offer all the glories of Veneto straight to your door.

In the meantime take a look at this video about the walled cities of Veneto. It captures perfectly the Veneto lifestyle!

The magnificent optical effect of seeing the Dolomites so close to Venice is called “Stravedamento.” This phenomenon is possible on particular winter days where the air is less polluted, the visibility is good and the right photographic equipment is available.
photo from shutterstock

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