Solo Treviso

SOLOTREVISO® is a Treviso-based company aiming to enhance the entire Veneto region’s rich food and wine heritage. SoloTreviso and SoloRosso products are produced in limited quantities and their ingredients are all sourced locally.

When you taste any of their products you find a perfect flavor balance that leaves you wanting more. This is why we added their products to our selection so you can try them too.

Traditional Bigoli
Typical Venetian long egg pasta similar to spaghetti. Handmade according to the ancient recipe.
With the special bigoi sauce it becomes one of the most famous traditional Venetian dishes in the world.
Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, eggs, water

Tagliolini with Glera Wine
Durum wheat semolina tagliolini with Prosecco DOC wine added to the dough. Ideal for first courses based on fish or shellfish or with our asparagus sauce.
Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, Prosecco DOC wine (20%), water, aromas
Allergens: gluten, sulfites

Tagliolini with Radicchio
Durum wheat semolina tagliolini with the addition of red radicchio. Ideal for first courses based on vegetables or meat, or with the radicchio or pumpkin and speck sauces.
Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, radicchio (15%), water, beetroot, aromas
Allergens: gluten

Radicchio and Salsiccia Sauce
The Marca Trevigiana is the land of Radicchio. This sauce is a new version of the classic radicchio sauce with the addition of sausage. Perfect match with Tagliolini with Radicchio or with a nice risotto.
Ingredients: Red Radicchio, Tomato Puree, Pork Sausage 25%, Sunflower Oil, Onion, Salt, Sugar, Mixture of Spices and Aromatic Plants. It may contain soya, celery, or its derivatives.

Bigoli Sauce
A typical and traditional Venetian dish, the Bigoi sauce is made by preparing a finely chopped onion and adding anchovies to obtain a creamy sauce. It’s a must with the Bigoli Pasta.
Ingredients: onion (60%), sunflower oil, anchovies (20%), salt, sugar, pepper, aromatic plants. It may contain traces of celery, soya, or its derivatives.

White Onions in herbs
Ideal for appetizers with cheeses, meats, cold cuts, in salads, with grilled vegetables, and boiled dishes. These onions are delicate and hard to put down because they taste so good! Perfect with Prosecco or with other local white wines!

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