Nonno Andrea

Nonno Andrea’s cultivations are completely organic, and they have also been given the Biodiversity Friend certification. This certification examines all organisms and microorganisms that live in their cultivated land and evaluates the soil, air, and water quality.

The Treviso countryside is rich in biodiversity and they seek to safeguard, increase, and respect all the living species that inhabit it. To do so, they plant and maintain unique rural hedges and strategically place nests, insect “hotels,” and much more.

Nonno Andrea’s core value is to protect the environment, and they do it with pride and determination. They perform active recycling, also making sure that the packaging they use is recyclable. They also produce clean energy for their company through photovoltaic panels. In other words, they do not like to waste and do their best to manage their farm most sustainably.

This is the reason why we choose to share Nonno Andrea’s delicious products with our friends. They are genuine, local, and a joy to have at your tables.

Vegetable Spreads & Dips

The vegetable spreads are perfect for appetizers, sauce for pasta dishes, or as a side for meat, fish and seafood. They are delicious spreads for focaccias, paninis, Italian flatbreads, and sandwiches as a light mayonnaise substitute.

Dipping crunchy crackers in them or simply spreading them on toasted bread makes for a delicious snack.

It is recommended to consume it at room temperature or out of the refrigerator; once opened, keep it in the fridge and finish it within a few days. These spreads do not contain mayonnaise.

Marinated Vegetables

The pickled and marinated vegetables are used to prepare appetizers, finger food, delicious bruschetta, and focaccias. They are an excellent side for white and red meats, meat or fish carpaccio, and cold cuts. They are also used to make gourmet paninis.

The queen of all kinds of pasta: Tomato sauce!

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