September Tasting Box

Every flavor and taste combination in this month’s Tasting Box praises Veneto’s authentic and local products.



This month we are praising our Verde Frizzante wine, therefore we have prepared a tasting box that does just that.

In it, you’ll find a wine made with Verduzzo Trevigiano grapes – a grape that carries the name of its origins in the Province of Treviso, and the pasta and sauce that are ambassadors of Veneto.

In more detail this is what you get in the box:

Wine: Sfriso Verde Frizzante: The most amazingly fresh, fizzy, and garden party-type wine made by us!

Aperitivo with Savory biscuits and White Onions in Herbs to open your appetite!  The unmistakable fragrance of Bettina’s crispy, crumbly biscuits starts with unique recipes, made with high-quality, traceable raw materials with due regard for the slow pace of artisanal craftsmanship. The products contain no preservatives or colorants: no additives alter the authentic flavor of the ingredients. The White Onions in Herbs are ideal for appetizers with cheeses, meats, cold cuts, salads, and grilled vegetables. These onions are delicate and hard to put down because they taste so good!

Authentic Venetian Primo Piatto with Pasta Bigoli, a typical Venetian long egg pasta similar to spaghetti. Handmade according to the ancient recipe. With the special Bigoi Sauce it becomes one of the most famous traditional Venetian dishes in the world. This ready Bigoi sauce is made by preparing a finely chopped onion and adding anchovies to obtain a creamy sauce. 

We’ve selected these artisan products to match with our Verde Frizzante and help you discover new tastes and flavors that will bring Veneto into your kitchen and on your tables.

Spoil yourself with this box or make your loved ones feel cherished with a thoughtful gift delivered straight to their doorstep.


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September Tasting Box