Classic Italian Comfort Box

Nothing brings more comfort and joy than a delicious Pasta al Pomodoro and a glass of wine.


This Box will bring sunshine to your table and the scents and smells of Italy into your house. The flavor experience is even better because the ingredients are of exceptional quality.

The Tagliolini are made with durum wheat semolina with Prosecco DOC wine added to the dough. The Tomato Sauce is farm-made in certified biodiverse cultivation fields and has only three ingredients: bio Roma tomato 65%, bio Piccadilly tomato 35%, unrefined salt. The Sfriso Prosecco is made with our own organic Glera grapes.

Three simple ingredients to bring you joy, comfort, and a little of Italy to your table:

Tagliolini al Glera 250gr
Passata al Pomodoro Bio 500ml
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 75cl

Make it a Birthday or a “Thank You” gift and we’ll add a personal note for you!


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Classic Italian Comfort Box