Authentic Venetian Lunch

Bigoli pasta, onions, anchovy, olive oil… it doesn’t take much more to be happy.


Bigoli in anchovy sauce, or more simply Bigoli in Salsa, is one of the most renowned dishes of Venetian cuisine. 

Bigoli is the long egg pasta similar to spaghetti. Handmade according to the ancient recipe with durum wheat semolina, eggs, water. Originally it was made with a special press, called bigolaro, invented in Padova in 1604, at the time of the Republic of the Serenissima. It is a dish that used to be eaten on Easter Friday or Christmas Eve and is still part of the Redentore Feast‘s menu of the day.

In this box, you will get these authentic flavors that will transport you back to Venice and simply make you happy.

– Traditional Bigoli 250gr by SoloTreviso
– Salsa Bigoi 200gr by SoloTreviso
– Prosecco DOC Extra Dry by Sfriso Winery

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Authentic Venetian Lunch