The Best From Veneto

For An Amazing Flavor Discovery Journey
How do we source the products?

We look for the best quality, unfindable artisan products that give the best flavor experience.

After nearly two decades in the wine world, we have learned that the best flavor experience is usually the sign of the best quality. That’s why we only offer the best ingredients and products made by local artisans who hold themselves to exceptional standards.

Why do we do this?

Because life is short and we need more pleasure in our lives!

While we believe you should take your time at the table, life’s too short to waste on second-rate food or wine. We offer products and flavors that will light up your taste buds, leave you satisfied, and transport you back to Italy.

What goes in the boxes?

We want to take you on a flavor discovery journey so we select different kinds of pasta, flavored pasta, sauces, ready risottos, olive oils, aperitivo products, sweets, and more. Each box is curated with the utmost care, to elevate your experience and help you adopt the Veneto lifestyle.

Who do we select from?

We are working with small artisan producers who pay attention to sustainability, quality of raw materials, seasonality, and have a devotion that only small businesses have for the products they make. We know it because that’s how we also feel about our wines, and we recognize that spark in the eyes of another passionate artisan.

The products they make are in limited quantities and follow seasonality. They are not products that you will find in your supermarket, as most of them are consumed here, in Veneto.

These are some of the producers and products we are offering at the moment. More products and more varieties will be included in the coming weeks to make sure we offer a distinctive flavor experience!

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