Why Tiramisù Is For Lovers

Normally, Italian food stories begin with: “For centuries, grandmothers passed on the recipe…”. But in the case of Tiramisù, Italy’s best-known dessert, the Nonnas (grandmas) may have passed on the recipe, but would probably have left out a key detail.

How to Risi e Bisi on April 25

Risi e bisi, which means rice and peas in the Venetian dialect, was served to the Doge at the April 25 banquet, to celebrate the feast of Saint Mark and the Venetian national day. Here’s how it’s made.

White asparagus reigns supreme in Veneto

As a child, asparagus was never part of my mum’s Hungarian cooking. Then I moved to Veneto and discovered that, every spring, white asparagus makes its way to every vegetable stand in Italy.

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