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Why Tiramisù Is For Lovers

Normally, Italian food stories begin with: “For centuries, grandmothers passed on the recipe…”. But in the case of Tiramisù, Italy’s best-known dessert, the Nonnas (grandmas) may have passed on the recipe, but would probably have left out a key detail.

Ciao, the most Italian of the Italian words, is from Venice.

As a kid growing up in a Hungarian family, I learned that saluting people with Ciao! while waving my hand was a friendly way to say goodbye.
Then I moved to Italy, and I learned that ciao is not one word, but many.

Five fun facts about Venice – part 2

There are many reasons to visit Venice in 2021, so once the world wakes up and travel is possible again, put Venice first on your travel agenda. Here are five reasons why.

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